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Technology Solutions that Bring Agility to Your Practice.

Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider. Your IT shouldn't get in the way. White Wings can help improve your practice with personalized technology services.

Here we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

The exchange of patient information between healthcare providers, insurers, patients, and other administrative entities requires regulated security standards. In 1996, the U.S. Government established privacy rules that regulate the disclosure and use of a patient's healthcare information. Don't let these regulations stunt your ability to utilize digital medical records. We can help you meet HIPPA and HITECH compliance standards to take advantage of modern technology and streamline your operations without adding overhead.

HIPAA Compliance
Staying within HIPAA doesn't mean sacrificing technology to make your practice more agile.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established keep personal health information confidential. Non-compliance is extremely risky. Fortunately, White Wings has a strong understanding in IT security solutions and compliance pertaining to the healthcare industry and can implement new solutions to enhance your day-to-day workflows without stepping out of bounds with the rules.

Onsite Risk Analysis

A thorough HIPAA security risk analysis is a critical component of HIPAA compliance, whether you are a covered entity or business associate. Our experienced auditors guide you through a comprehensive risk analysis to identify potential security threats that put your patients' data and organization at risk. By conducting a HIPAA risk analysis, you are also completing Meaningful Use requirements.

Risk Management Plan

Building on the results of the risk analysis, our auditors create a custom risk management plan that details the actions necessary from covered entities and business associates to achieve HIPAA compliance and secure sensitive patient data throughout your organization.

Business Associates.

Ensuring your business associates reach HIPAA compliance and protect your patient data is a crucial step in your HIPAA compliance and data security plan. We have tools and solutions for business associates to achieve HIPAA compliance and increase their security posture so that you can feel confident in working with them.

HIPAA Compliance Report

White Wings auditors deliver a detailed HIPAA compliance report that documents the security efforts and compliance status of your organization—giving you, your partners, business associates, and executive management confidence in your organization's compliance with the HIPAA mandate.

Why to Use White Wings for HIPAA Audits