Our Team

Ayyaz Khan

Co-Founder & CTO

As a dynamic and target-oriented leader delivering desired results to businesses with EQ, Ayyaz is responsible for turn-key strategies here at White Wings. 30 years earlier, Ayyaz began his career within the Information Technology space as systems engineer for corporations. In the early 1990s, Ayyaz co-founded White Wings to deliver unparalleled & affordable services to businesses. As a veteran, Ayyaz is well versed with the IT industry inception, related challenges, and the initiation of the e-commerce businesses. Ayyaz streamlined the operations and increased productivity of corporations through theoretical and experimental business/technical understanding.

Ayyaz graduated with Business Administration degree with concentration in Management & Economics. Later, he acquired certifications and became an expert with Cisco, Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and AWS. Under his leadership, White Wings joined the prestigious ranks of the global Remittance industry. Ayyaz credits his accomplishments to his core values consisting of emotional intelligence, unwavering discipline, strong work ethic, ability to visualize the end goal and over delivering to his clients who’ve become friends. During off time Ayyaz enjoys long motorcycle rides, traveling the world, socializing, and partakes in competitive sports.

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Zanmbera Athar

Operations Manager

Zanmbera is an operational manager at White Wings Technologies and focused on successful, cost-effective execution of the business creativities. Zanmbera has over 10 years of experience in the field of Management.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance management in 2006 from Baruch college. Zanmbera is an essential member of the team as she is directing company hiring, business expansion and client/vendor management. Zanmbera works closely with all White Wings departments for optimal levels of production.

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Sameera Shahzad

Marketing Director

Sameera is responsible for overseeing marketing and sales departments here at the North American region. Sameera holds a degree in computer science, has oracle dba certification, and over 15 years of experience in the Remittance industry.

Sameera has acquired extensive knowledge of market trends and is well versed in the diversity of the Remittance & Technology industry. In result, Sameera’s strength lies in her ability to lead the team through effective coaching and acquire/retain conglomerates in the Money Service Business realm. During off time, Sameera enjoys family activities, shopping, and participating in extracurricular activities.

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Owais Khan


As a magnetic and results-driven professional offering strategic solutions to businesses. Owais is responsible for pragmatic strategies here at White Wings Technologies. Drawing knowledge from all walks of life, Owais is experienced in full-cycle project planning and execution, particularly within an environment of ambiguity and rapidly-changing priorities.

A veteran to corporate sales, under the Fortune 20 umbrella, Owais is a motivated self-starter who values the positive attitude, attention to detail, work ethic and student mentality. Owais studied Cell Biology & Neuroscience at Rutgers University. He later studied MBA at Baruch College with concentration in International Marketing Management. During off time Owais enjoys participating in competitive basketball, soccer, football and cooking.

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Cesar E. Coello A

Senior IT Manager

Cesar Coello, an expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies known for his ability to produce high-quality deliverables that exceed timelines & budget targets. A diligent project manager offering a proven record of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects. Cesar is also well versed with business strategies through his experience from planning and managing multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains. Cesar has an unparalleled grasp on requirements & ROI analysis, costing & budgeting, project scheduling, cross-functional supervision, team building & mentoring, client relations & presentations and vendor management. Cesar currently holds an MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt credentials and holds a PMP certification. Cesar is an expert with custom software development, database design (RDBMS), systems engineering, systems migrations/integrations and enterprise wide implementations. Cesar is an avid reader of the bible, likes to go to different restaurants with family and friends, listens to relaxing music, plays competitive soccer and is the number 1 fan Real Madrid soccer club.

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Osama Khan

Director Operations

As Director of Operations Osama oversees HR, Finance, management, and legal aspects of White Wings Technologies in the South Asian market. Osama has over 13 years of experience in Operations and Business Management with extensive knowledge in Policy Analysis, implementation and its trends in aspects of service, sales and operations. Osama has a deep understanding of the consumer market & its respective challenges. As a motivated self-starter, Osama holds an Executive Master’s degree from Commonwealth University with concentration in Public Administration. Osama is an overachiever driven by a strong work-ethic that is coupled with great leadership to meet deadlines and over deliver to our respective clients. During the off time, Osama enjoys spending time with his family, reading autobiographies and playing chess.

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Rizwan Murtaza

Director IT

As a Director of IT, Rizwan shouldered the responsibility, of industry disrupting IT projects. The responsibilities were not limited to designing, planning, testing and deploying of global software solutions. Some of the solutions under Rizwan’s belt include the global Money Transfer System (MTS) for MSBs, Business Management System (BMS) for entrepreneurs and Image-Pedia software for artists. Rizwan is a Microsoft technology expert as well as PMP program expert. In addition, Rizwan holds a Master’s degree in computer science with concentration in interfaces. In the short span of 11 years, Rizwan rose from project manager to Director of IT. Rizwan credits the professional growth to his values that consist of strong work ethic, leading his team, striving to over deliver and taking full responsibility. Rizwan believes that integration of knowledge and skills makes the difference in achieving optimized outcomes. When off, Rizwan prefers family time, keeping up to date with emerging technologies/digital tools.

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