Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Your Organization Needs a Network Assessment

We’re living in a data driven world and making time for a network assessment is an integral component of an organization’s IT strategy! - John Milano 

Your network expands when your business grows. Running a growing network without hiccups depends on ensuring each component of your firm’s infrastructure is up to date and managed appropriately. How can you evaluate this? A network assessment is a good place to start.

Let’s begin by answering a few critical questions for the assessment.

What exactly is a network assessment?

A network assessment reviews your existing structure and comprehensively assesses the productivity of your performance, management, security and processes.

A network assessment will:
  • Allows you to pinpoint underused and overworked resources. 
  • Allows you to reallocate resources as needed.
  • Identifies areas where the network is carrying more data than it can handle. 
  • Detects security holes that can cause your network operations to fail. 
  • Evaluates your network’s configuration and recommends changes that will benefit you in maximizing productivity and pave the way for future growth.

When should you perform a network assessment?

There are significant signs that indicate that your organization requires a network assessment. Some of the signs you may experience and are not limited to:
  • Slow running systems 
  • Frequent viruses 
  • User lockouts 
  • Network share drive folders missing 
  • Planning to shift infrastructure to the cloud or a hybrid solution 
  • Unsure about the performance of your current IT department 
  • Planning to upgrade & expand your network.

Who should I consult for a network assessment?

If your company does not have their own in-house network assessment systems and tools, you will need to hire a third-party technology partner to conduct the assessment for you.

When is the best time for me to conduct a network assessment?

Based on 1000's of network assessments conducted in 2017 & 2018 we’ve found that most organizations require network assessments for three major reasons:

  1. Organization leaders plan on shifting network to the cloud completely or planning a hybrid solution and will require a deep understanding of exactly where you need to make improvements for the future proof shift. 
  2. Organization identify recurring problems such as users network drives missing, unusual user lockouts, database isn’t backing up appropriately, difficulty in communication between HQ and satellite offices. 
  3.  Organization plans to identify and document their in-house IT department's performance.
A network assessment is done for taking on a pro-active approach rather than its counterpart, the reactive approach. The network assessment will give you enough time to do a thorough, documented, analysis of your existing infrastructure and implement needed changes

What happens after the network assessment?

After the technology partner has completed the assessment, you will have the opportunity to review the comprehensive report and implement any needed changes. You will need to spend some time with your staff and your technology partner to review the results and discuss what can be done to improve network performance.
The vision is for everybody to win and nobody to lose. We can begin by providing your organization a network assessment to identify your current IT situation. Just ask us how!

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