Monday, April 15, 2019

Best Methods of offsite Data Backup

We all agree that #data, either critical or non-critical, should be backed up offsite. A major concern that IT Administrators have is how to effectively back up mission critical data. Some of the major roles in identifying the Data Backup method is to know ‘what is the Recovery Time’, ‘the level of risk associated with the preferred method’, and ‘the cost of the complete solution’.

You might afford some time non critical data however financial companies like Banks, Money Remittance Companies cannot afford longer downtimes.

The first challenge IT Managers face is moving the data to backup facility, data transfer cannot be done overnight and involves higher level technical skills.

Once you store the data off-site facility. The IT Managers has to calculate the Recovery time in case of any major disaster. IT team must be aware what will be the ETA for the data recovery from off-site facility back to the servers.

There are many scenarios which we can discuss depending on sensitive nature of the data.

If your Data is non critical and you can afford the downtime

For a small organization having less than 500 GB of data the recommended solution is to go towards standard data backup as opposed to an image backup (that normally increases cost). This way your files will be stored on cloud and can be retrieved in 3-4 business days depending on your ISP.

When the data is Critical and you cannot afford the down time

For organizations relying on mission critical data and cannot afford a downtime, they must explore a hybrid solution of local copy for quick recovery and cloud repository for disaster recovery. In other words, data only backup for quick recovery or bare metal server backup for disaster recovery. This solution can be beneficial for small-midsized organizations.

If you want to be Limitless and want real-time data availability

If you want real-time data availability, be limitless, and prefer to have all stakeholders in the organization access data from any part of the world securely then the best suitable solution involves WSynch. WSynch can help IT Managers to get the access of the data instantly in case of disaster while allowing users to access their data without any VPN or RDP.

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