White Wings Technologies

White Wings is an IT services company specializing in IT management, IT operations and IT professional services. White Wings was formed more than two decades ago by group of IT professionals to service businesses that could not meet the extremely high prices of the information technology hardware, software and ongoing maintenance. White Wings took on the challenge of providing support to its clients as an authorized partner of industry leading brands such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and many others. White Wings then proceeded to eliminate lengthy wait times, run arounds and other dilemmas of clients reaching out to manufacturers and region-specific support centers. White Wings has been providing Information Technology services from small to large enterprise businesses as a cohesive anchor that leverages maximum efficiency of the current IT infrastructure. Today, White Wings core values and loyalty are customer centric as opposed to technology centric. Our customers today have more services than 10 years ago, they pay less and they get better results.

Our Services


Corporate Networking

Let us take care of your network needs & you focus on your business.

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Disaster Recovery

What is your Disaster Recovery plan?

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Managed Services

White Wings recognizes the risks for businesses in the marketplace

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Cloud Computing

We provide cloud services for your business.

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Universal Communications

White Wings understands that reliable communication and collaboration 

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Audit Compliance

HIPAA & PCI Compliance Auditing Services and Reports are available. 

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Software Development


Software Development

Reduce software development cost without compromising the quality.

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Mobile App Development

End-to-end mobile application development for consumer-facing and business environments.

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White Wings provides dedicated QA Testing services to brighten your software quality.

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Money Transfer System

White Wings was formed more than 2 decades ago. The company started with providing corporate IT services to business

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Image One

Image One comes right out the box with following modules, Online Image Processing, Image Archiving, Complete E-Commerce

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WBMS 3.0 comes right out of the box with following modules, Insurance Brokerage, Air Line Tickets Management, 

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Our Partners

White Wings Technologies offers industry-leading solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems

Our Clients

White Wings Technologies offers a variety of solutions which can be applicable on different industries. Its basicaly a complete package which can be customed as per the requirements.